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God of Carnage (2017)

"This 90-minute rollercoaster ride is one to see. You won't see what's coming around the corner, buckle up and enjoy the's as good as you'll come across"
 - Weekendnotes

“Director Stephens’ blocking is marvellous, using every inch of available space and bringing his actors into touching reach of the audience...The choice of music…is perfect, the sound is excellent…”


God of Carnage Trailer
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A 90 minute thrill ride to the most dangerous place on earth: Parenthood. From Yarra Valley's own redfox3, who brought you the acclaimed The Woman In Black, comes the hilarious Tony and Olivier award winning play GOD OF CARNAGE.


Two sets of parents meet for the first time to settle their sons' nasty playground tangle. Tensions quickly emerge around the best way to raise a child.

The meeting progresses, the alcohol flows, and the gloves come off in this viciously funny comedy of bad manners.

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